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Our advice

The key elements to improve your results are your rowing technique and physical condition. With this in mind, we want to inform all the participants that the increments of time improvements are small. 1 second means a lot!

The challenge is to try to be as constant as you can with your workouts! We'll guide you along the way to ensure you stay on track!

The next Swiss Romande Indoor Rowing Championships is the first Sunday of March 2024. You can join as a team or/and as an individual.

The Champions from previous years

Relay guys team

Remy, Tituan, Peter and Trophym - 2019 (Gold)

Individual team

Peter, Barbara, Maria, Aine, Laeticia, Katharina, Sophie and Laurent - 2019 (Silver)


Coralie, Lisa, Lama and Isla - 2022 (Silver)


Will (Gold), Daniel (PB), Pablo (Silver), Alex (PB), Suzanne (Bronze) and Caroline (Bronze) - 2023

RowFit Championships 2024

Caroline, Will and  Coach Clarence - 2024

RowFit Championships 2024_2

 Katharina (Bronze) & Coach Loïc (Gold) - 2024