Complete athletes

A unique background and expertise


Why RowFit?


I am Clarence Perez Diaz, the founder of RowFit in Switzerland. 

I have played professional Volleyball, before going on to earn a degree and then a Ph.D in Sport Science, focusing on the protection of athletes’ health. I am working at the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS) and I teach on the Sports Medicine module of the AISTS Masters, at the University of Lausanne. 

After five knee operations throughout my volleyball career and having had experience in multiple sports across varying levels, I chose to launch RowFit because it is an extremely complete and low impact workout that focuses on perfecting the correct technique for each exercise.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Rowing- club Lausanne, we got the opportunity to launch RowFit in a unique location and with the best rowing expertise. 

The RowFit team is on a mission to promote health and sport through the RowFit training programme.


Why us?

Sport Scientist


FIMS Picture

Sport Science Degree with focus on high performance,  PhD on the protection of the athletes' health and working for the International Sport Medicine Federation (FIMS) while continuing to publish research papers

Former professional athletes

Top Level


As high level athletes, we learned how to get the best out of ourselves in team sports and that is exactly what we want for our members. 


Holistic approach



We analyse sport to maximise your performance with an emphasis on health. We want you to challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone.