Create a unique environment

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It would be a unique training; workshop adapted to the event and needs of your company!

Please get in touch for more info on how we can make your event a success.

"Ice-breaker warm-up"

We will come to your conference/workshop venue and lead a light and fun sports warm up as a means of breaking the ice at the beginning of a conference or workshop. This short work out (approximately 5 minutes) removes inhibitions among the participants and spreads positive vibes throughout the room before you start the serious work.

The warm-up can be done with a casual or business dress code. No need for lycra!

"Active Stretch"

We will come to your meeting, conference or workshop venue and lead a dynamic stretching session as a means of decompressing at the end or after a break during a meeting, conference or workshop. After a long period sitting down, the "Active Stretch" session (approximately 5 minutes) will boost the energy levels of participants, creating a positive vibe in the room. 

The "Active Stretch" can complement the "Ice-breaker warm-up" or can be run separately. 


Class with your colleagues at the Rowing - club

We are ready to host you for a RowFit class for your team at the Rowing - Club Lausanne.

We will adapt the training to your needs and make it unique for your company.

All inclusive packages are also available. This package comprises a RowFit training and after workout apero with bubbles, charcuterie and cheese in a unique location with a magnificent view of Lac Léman.