A unique training workshop adapted to the needs of your company/organisation!

Why organiseing a RowFit Team Building workout?

1. RowFit is a unique team workout: We all row together in the same boat as a team! It is the best way to create synergies and good vibes amongst each other. It will be fun!

2. Open to all levels (and ages): We adapt the training to your needs and make it unique for your company/organisation. RowFit is prevention of injury based (a low impact workout - easy on the articulations, no jumps).

3. A Unique Location: by the shores of Lac Léman, giving a flavour of the water (without getting in the water in case some of your employees are not comfortable with water). We do the workout outside when the weather is favourable or use the Boat House when it's not. Check our venue here

4. Expertise: We have a team of coaches with sport science background, an Olympian, former professional international athletes, International Olympic Committee coach with the highest expertise, check their backgrounds here.


What do we offer?

We offer RowFit team building workout for groups of 4 to 40 employees and for
groups of 40 to 120 we offer team building circuit training (including the RowFit station).

We have worked with many organisations, including Lausanne Tourisme, IMD, AISTS,
SMS, TASC and we cannot wait to work with you!

If you want more details please contact us at